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What we offer

Patience In-Home Care (PIHC) offers a comprehensive list of nursing services. PIHC's licensed, trained, and compassionate nurses are skilled in critical and complex cares. Our Caregiver Assistants offer Senior Care/ Companionship, Perrsonal Care Assistance and more. Personalized care is provided to meet the specific needs of you and your loved ones.

By the hour or by the visit, let us know how our Companion Caregivers can help you or your loved one. Our Companion Caregivers are have cleared background checks and value engagement, good company and like to offer companionship with activities (Walking, Creativities, Talking, Laughter, Crafts, .. More!).

Let us know what our background checked PCA/CFSS Certified caregivers can do for you or your loved one. Our PCA Caregivers are ready to help with daily living activities, meal preparation, homemaking and light house cleaning. We are happy to serve both MA clients and private pay clients in need.

We offer 24-hour Home Care Nursing (HCN) services and manage Catheter Care, Ostomy Care, Respiratory Care, Tube Feeding, Ventilator Care, Tracheostomy Care, and much more! We welcome MA clients with available funding and private pay clients alike. Please, let us know what our Private Duty Nurses can do for you or your loved one.

Our nures can do Skilled Nursing Visits (SNV) for you or your loved one. They can provide Assessments, Catheter Care, Diabetic Checks, Medication Management, Wound Care and much more! Please let us know if you have questions on available payment methods or would like to seek these services through private payment.

Accepted Payment Methods

• Private Pay accepted for any services. • MA Community of Alternative Care (CAC) Waivers can be used for Private Duty Nursing.

We care for your loved ones.
We care for your loved ones.
We take care of your loved ones.

“I've known Patience for many years. She took care of my mom in her later years and became a friend of mine. You couldn't be in better hands than with Patience.”

- Pam from Alexandria

“Patience took care of my father that was in late stages of ALS until his last breaths. She would rub his back and hold his hand to make him as comfortable as possible throughout. Our family is forever grateful.”

- Cassandra from Rogers

“Patience showed up with a smile on her face every day and a big heart to care for my grandson. When thing seemed dark, she was the light for him. Until his last days he would greet Patience with his biggest smile. He looked forward to hearing her knock-knock jokes and riddles. I can hear him asking 'what goes up when the rain comes down?'.”

- Sue from Blaine